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Your team can master various skills in programming through training programs built using the finest curriculum and taught by experienced instructors.

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HACKTIV8 is a coding institution that advances the technology industry in Indonesia. Through our full-time and part-time programs, we are able to transform beginners into skillful and savvy programmers within a specific time span.

Our curriculum has been reviewed by well-credited companies all across the nation and has been credited to move forward the technological developments according to the marketplace.

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Why Our Programs?

HACKTIV8 has a number of part-time programs that fits perfectly with the current market demand. From project management to learning the important skills of creating your own landing page. Through fresh and different ways of teaching, we enable movement and growth within the skillset of your company and its employees.

Our aim is to reach corporations across Indonesia and instil a technological mindset, despite the field that you may be in.

Perfect Timing

Our classes are after office hours and is held no more than three times a week, so it won't get in your way.

Flexible Location

We can bring our class into your home office by request or choose out of the many co-working spaces we work with placed across the city.

Specific Focus

Each class is taught by one or two credible instructors that are dedicated to teach your employees about the topics from beginning until the end.

Our List of Programs

Choose out of our many selection of part-time classes to learn the most in-demand skills taught by experienced and esteemed instructors.

These Companies Trust Us

Corporations across Indonesia have used our part-time programs to establish the skillsets within their employees.

Stories from our Clients

Hear what companies all throughout Indonesia have to say after they've enlisted HACKTIV8 to improve their workforces.

“In the Agile Scrum Class I learned a lot about how to implement Scrum Methodology effectively. After this, I will definitely be applying Scrum in Urbanhire’s product building and development process.”

Hengki Sihombing
Chief Technology Officer

“Front End Web Class starts from the basics and the materials could be easily understood even by me. Even though it’s only the basics, the exercises were still quite challenging and produced good results. Now, I can combine what I learned here with my expertise in the telecommunications industry.”

Achmad Abimanyu
Head of Human Resource

“I learned about the history of agile and the frameworks we could use to deliver a product from the beginning to the very end. The workshop has fast response time and the adaptability makes Agile Scrum very useful to our team.”

Project Manager

“I came from a non-IT background but the Intro to Programming Class was able to teach me everything I needed to know from the beginning. The curriculum is thorough enough in details to help me in building my own project. The instructor also really pays attention to each and every student in the class and helps according to their personal needs.”

Susanto Halim
Consumer Underwriting Division Head

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